Monday, April 18, 2011


She goes to see the surgeon.
Same problem, left foot.
The doc says, "I know how to fix this."
Now it is time to decide what to do.

Friday before Spring Break.
Get up early.
Drive to San Antonio.

Honey comes to see her.
Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Brian come to see her. 
Insert IV.
Clean and massage foot. 

Doc writes "No" on her right leg. 
Request nausea meds for after surgery. 
IV making her sleepy.
Hug and kiss.

They wheel her to the OR.
 Eat lunch while we wait.
Look at magazines.
How much longer?

Doc comes out.
"She really needed that surgery.
The bone was so loose.
She did great"

Wait until she wakes up.
She looks so groggy.
Splint is so big.
Can she get dressed?

Wheelchair to the car.
She is hungry!
Where is a Subway?
Get a her a footlong and Sprite.

She eats the whole thing.
She falls asleep on the way home.
She has so much pain.
Advil is not helping.

What about Tylenol?
Much better.
Don't forget to take your aspirin.
Do not want a blood clot.

Now the hard part.
Waiting 10 days until the splint comes off.
New cast.
No walking. Use those crutches.

Two more weeks.
A different cast.
Start to walk on it as you feel able.
Let the pain be your guide.

Four more weeks.
You can do it!
A long recovery results in good health.
She has strength - physical and mental.

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