Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Face to Forget

I have met a lot of people in my life.
I am always surprised when someone doesn't remember me.
I have one of those faces
that is easy to forget.

Classmates who were in high school classes with me.
People who went to stock shows with me.
Boys that I liked in high school.

Young Life.
I can remember 60 kids names.
Committee members introduce themselves to me -
over and over.

Shops on Main Street.
I frequent the same stores time after time.
Spending money on gifts, necessities.
What is your name?

Public Library.
I have been going to the library for 11 years.
Unbelieveable that some of them still do not know my name.
God bless Rose, she remembers!

I have wondered about this phenomenon during my life.
What is it that makes my face so forgetful?
Not enough animation.
Not enough...something.

Does it matter that I am not remembered?
Not really, but it is interesting.
I have finally realized that
I have a face to forget.


  1. This has happened to me, too! Frustrating.... You definitely do not have a heart to forget! ~Abban

  2. Is this Abban L? Thanks I have always thought I was "rememberable". It surprises me every time when people act like they have never met me. Recently a man involved with Young Life introduced himself to me for the 4th time. I even carried some stuff to his car for him last summer. So funny!!!