Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hot Water

It is morning.
I stand in the shower.
The hot water refreshes my mind and body.

It is lunchtime.
I stand at the sink in the kitchen
The hot water cleanses the breakfast dishes.

It is afternoon.
I go outside to water the flowerbeds.
The water streams hot from the garden hose.

It is evening.
I sit in the living room listening to the laughter.
The hot water washes away the dirt from playing.

Oh hot water,
You refresh, you clean, you nourish.
Thank you hot water.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is my focus?
Some days I feel so good.
Are those the days I am focused on God?
Other days I feel so blah.
Are those the days I am focused on my problems, frustrations, everyday worries?

Where does my focus go?
It seems like my focus is almost like the weather.
Some days it is so bright it almost blinds me.
Some days it is so foggy I cannot see it no matter how hard I look.
Some days it is covered in rain. Wet. Soggy. Miserable.
Some days are just average. Not too cold, not too hot.

Why does my focus come and go?
The painful truth is that I am human.
I try, I succeed.
I try, I fail.
I try again. 

As I get older, I wish it were easier. 
I wish my worries wouldn't overshadow my joy. 
I wish my dread of the kids moving out, wouldn't stop me in my tracks.
I wish I could sing and dance and laugh all day, every day.

My real focus should be God.
I should give Him my worries and dread.
If I did that every day would I be able to sing and dance and laugh?
Would my foggy days be clearer?
Would my rainy days be brighter?
Would my average days be extraordinary?

Focus on God.
Every way.

The Battle of Coffee vs. Writing

She walked to the kitchen for coffee.
She sat on the couch with her phone.
She checked Facebook.
Nothing new there.
She checked her text messages.
Her sister was at the doctor for her annual exam. Yuck.
She read her email.
Her women’s devotion was really good today.
She sent it to a friend who needed encouragement.
More coffee.

Oh, the sun was finally out.
She walked to the backyard to check the flowers.
It was still too early in the year to see much progress.
She pulled a few weeds.
She sat by the pool and listened to the fountains gurgle.
More coffee.

She knew it was time to settle down and write.
What did she do with her notebook?
It was not on her desk.
It was not in her sewing room.
Why was it in her closet?
Where is that piece of paper where she jotted down her idea?
More coffee.

The cat meowed.
The poor thing needed food.
Why can’t the kids feed the animals?
She walked to the utility room and scooped out some cat food.
Oh, better feed the dog, too.
More coffee.

The phone rang.
Dad has news about Mimi.
The tests determined she needed more medication.
She sends up a prayer.
It is time. Focus. Come on, write just one sentence.
She wrote: She walked to the kitchen for coffee.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Tickles my feet
Wet from the dew
Smells fresh after it is cut
Ow! a sticker

Dark and shiny
Leather interior
Smells new
Uses so much gas

Glow from the sun
Litter the ground
Blow in the wind
Shade the yard

Squishy and cold
Tastes like limes
Makes my tummy feel better
Melts in my mouth

Hides behind the tree
A good place to sit
Cool to the touch
Do fairies live here?

Pool Floatie
Scratches my skin
Holds me up in the pool
Shoots water a long way
Perfect on a hot day

St. Patricks Day
Don't get pinched
Are you wearing green?
Do green panties count?


The wind chimes sing on my back porch.
The cat cuddles at my feet.
I snuggle under the blanket in my chair.
I sip my coffee. Oh, it tastes so good.
The ceiling fan clicks as it goes round and round.
The sun is still hiding behind the clouds.
The dog next door barks.
I imagine he is running, searching for a cat to chase.

I say my prayers, like when I was a child.
God bless Quentin, God bless Avery, God bless Ashlyn.
Please give me peace today.
Thank you for my family.
Thank you for my talents and help me use them to your service.
Thank you.

The wind chimes have finished their solo.
The cat kisses my nose.
The blanket has gotten too warm.
Wow, where did all of the coffee go?
The ceiling fan clicks as it goes round and round.
I see the sun. Should I come out to play?
The dog has stopped barking.
His naptime has come early today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fruit Basket Turnover

Smooth, shiny, hard
Red, yellow, green
Sweet, tart, crisp
Perfect for my teacher

Dimpled with little bumps
Bright orange
Succulent, fragrant
Juice drips down my arm

Lots of little seeds
Rich red with green caps
Warm from the sun
Shortcake with whipped cream

Smooth, waxy, mushy
Yellow with a tint of brown
Earthy, subtle, squishy
Energy for my exercise

Fuzzy, grainy, soft 
Peach, gold, pink, red
Juicy, sticky, sweet
Peach Cobbler hot from the oven

Little orbs of color
Green, purple, red
Sweet, tart, some have seeds
Throw them up and catch them in my mouth

Smooth, shiny, short brown stems
Dark red with purple pulp
Sweet, grainy, navigate the seed
Poolside, crunch, chew, spit

Smooth, round, firm
Red, yellow, vermillion
Luscious, sweet, juicy
Take a bite, mmmmmmm perfect

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Color Splash

I love fabric.
Especially cotton fabric.
The colors are exquisite.
The texture is smooth.
And, oh, the possibilities.

I have color moods.
I have been brown.
I wore brown t-shirts, brown capris, brown shoes. 
They were not ordinary brown things, but exciting shades of brown.
Brown sheer blouses with copper satin trim.
Brown sequin flip flops and sandals with beads.
Tan capris with cool buttons.
I made quilts with rich, warm, touchable brown fabrics.

I have been orange.
Orange and yellow sequined shoes.
Orange t-shirts with sequin trim along the neckline. 
Orange flowered skirts.
Oh the possibilities with orange. 
I made baby quilts for the hospital with orange four patches and cute birds.

The moods never last. 
Sometimes a year, maybe even two but not forever.

Now I am purple and pink.
It started last spring with the cutest cream sweater.
It was embroidered with purple and lavender flowers.
Black flip flops with big shiny purple, pink and silver beads. 
Now how many shirts can I find to match those shoes?
A cute off the shoulder fuchsia sweater from Forever 21.
Are you kidding me?
That place is for young people!!

The purple and pink fabrics make me so happy.
Sounds a little crazy, but maybe it is God's way of inspiring me to create quilts.
I found this amazing pattern for a new quilt. 
I collected the purple and pink fabrics. 
I found sale fabric in purple and pink for the background and backing. 
How perfect is that?
This year at retreat I will make that quilt.
It will be stunning dressed in purple and pink. 

What color are you?
Go with it!
Feel it!
Enjoy it!
Let God use it to influence you.

Side notes: The picture shows the fabric for the retreat quilt.
My profile picture is all pink and purple!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dark or Light

It is a cold morning.
I walk out the front door and am blasted
by cold air.
I turn on my Ipod and start to walk.
There are so many leaves on the ground.
The wind was brutal last night.
The water is running down the street
in torrents.
Leftovers of a mean storm.
The broken sticks litter the ground.
The wind swirls around my head.

God are you here?
I see the sun peek over the neighbors fence
as I walk.
It is glorious.  
How can it be so lovely this morning
and so dark last night?

It reminds me of life.
Some days are dark and dreary.
Can I even get out of bed today?
Some days are light and full of laughter.
Why can't I stop smiling? 

Why do I struggle to find a balance?
My faith remains in the Lord.
Dark or light, He is there to see me through.  
I can hold on to that during my dark, rainy days.
I can celebrate that on my bright, sunny days.
God provides me the courage to face each new day
regardless of dark or light.

Photo provided by Ashlyn Smith