Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Visitor

I walk out to feed the dog.
I hear a noise.
Scratch, scratch, scratch.

Is that coming from the dog or cat food bin?
Oh, I am afraid to see what it is?
The noise stops.

Quentin, there is some kind of critter out here!
He comes to check it out.
It is in the dog food bag.

Oh look, it is a baby opossum.
He is so cute.
He is very still.

What are we going to do with him?
We need to wait until dark to let him go.
He sleeps in the bag all day.

He is so cute.
He is about the size of a coffee cup.
He looks soft, but do not touch him.

In the evening he wakes up.
Want to eat an orange? No.
Not dark yet, go back to sleep.

Finally it is dark.
Quentin takes him out to the woods.
He lays the bag down and waits.

He waits and waits and waits.
The baby will not venture from the bag.
Gently turn the bag and make him come out.

The baby opossum sits very still.
Go in the house to get a flashlight.
Where did the baby go?

The night brings good news.
The Easter visitor has gone home.
Hey friends and family, where are you?


  1. Thank you for a smile tonight. Last week, our two barn cats who eat supper on our front porch every night shared their dish with a "teen-age" possum with cute black ears and with a second black cat. Another night, Ricky Racoon ate awhile, washed his hands, and scampered off. I think I may not want to know who else stops by to break bread with our crew.

  2. We have a raccoon that eats in the garage at night when I leave the door cracked for the cats. He washes the cat food in the water bowl and makes a big mess.

    Night before last the deer ate some of my geranium and split leaf philodendron off the front porch. I had to move them away from the edge.

    I suppose this means that my gift for hospitality extends to the animals too!!!!