Thursday, April 14, 2011


Teenager trying to sleep late.
Get up, get up.
It is Sunday.
Time for family breakfast.

Coffee brewing.
Bacon frying.
Eggs cooking.
Biscuits baking.

Mix the milk and flour.
Simmer the drippings.
Come on gravy.
The best gravy you have ever eaten.

College at TAMU.
Work at LaQuinta.
Bacon sandwich with mustard.
What a great lunch.

Graduation and move to the big city.
Job as a computer programmer.
News report.
Bacon has less fat than cheese.

Eat more bacon.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwiches.
Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese,
wrapped with bacon.

Hamburgers with bacon and blue cheese.
Omelet with bacon and cheese.
Spinach salad with bacon.
Turkey and dressing with bacon.

Dr. Pepper 10 commercial.
For men only.
Big trucks, duct tape, bacon. Really?
As usual, the marketers got it all wrong.

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