Thursday, April 28, 2011


I love books. 
I love the way the smell, and the way they fit my hands.
I have been reading since childhood.
I read 2 or 3 books a month.

Recently, I experienced a drought.
Every book I picked up bored me.
I would read 10, 30 or even 75 pages,
but then I lost interest.

This was upsetting to me.
What is going on?
This phenomenon lasted about 3 or 4 months.
Nothing seemed to break the cycle.

Finally I picked up an old book that I had never read.
Carriage Trade by Stephen Birmingham.
One of those novels in the style of Dominick Dunne.
Rich, society people who skirt the rules.

That did it!
It broke the drought.
I have read a lot of books in
the last three weeks.

Susan Cheever, Notes from a Bottle.
Growing up in an alcoholic family.
I cannot possibly be an alcoholic, everyone drinks.
Finally overcoming alcoholism.

Meredith Hall, Life Without a Map.
Getting pregnant at 16 in the 1960s.
Giving the baby up for adoption.
Finally meeting the son after 21 years apart.

Hallie Ephron, Never Tell a Lie.
Can you say stalker?
An innocent shopper at a garage sale.
The shopper disappears and the husband is arrested.

Lisa Black, Evidence of Murder.  
How can there be no evidence of murder?
A body with no marks, nothing.
Nitrogen poisoning. Who knew? 

Jen Lancaster, Bitter is the New Black.
A spoiled Chicago girl.
Loses her job. Spends too much money.
Wears a black wedding dress 

Chris Bohjalian, The Double Bind.
One of the best books I have ever read.
Combines real photographs taken in the 1950s with
a mesmerizing story.

F Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.
I am rereading this after reading The Double Bind.
The Double Bind uses The Great Gatsby
as part of the plot.

Every afternoon the pool calls my name.
Come and sit.
Bring you current book.
Relax and escape to another place.


  1. Ahh - - - a co-bookaholic - - - more in common.
    Ahh - - - those days I loved mysteries ..Daphine, Agatha, Helen ... so many stories TO WRITE so little time....

  2. And these days you are just as apt to find a good story from a first time author as a seasoned author. Too many books to explore. :)

  3. I absolutely could not live without books! I love everything about them! I can get lost in a book and forget everything else.

    As an aside, I thought about re-reading Rage of Angels the other day when I saw it on my bookcase. :)

  4. I feel the same way. I LOVE my books. I was so excited to go the Library sale and find all of those good treasures. When I had been in SA last week, I stopped in 1/2 Price Books but did not really find anything (except a Bible for $1). Got to love that! It will come in handy for someone one of these days!!

    I did reread Rage of Angels summer before last. It is still good (did not remember so much sex - I am so old now!!) I also reread The Other Side of Midnight and Memories of Midnight. Good books.

    I saw a quote in my current book, "A good book ruins it for the bad books." I love that and it is so true.