Thursday, April 21, 2011

Or Maybe it is the Name?

Beth, a simple name.
Derived from Elizabeth.
Karen, from my mom.
Smith, from my husband.

Maybe people do not remember me, because my name is Beth.
I wonder if I was Lizzie...
Lizzie Borden took an ax,
gave her father forty whacks.

I tried it out for a while in third grade.
I liked to think I was named after Queen Elizabeth.
I think I would need to wear my tiara every day.

In high school some people thought I was Bethann Angie.
One of my good friends was  Angie.
People always said "Beth and Angie".
I morphed into Bethann Angie.

*Tiffany with no last name.
Don't those young girls know
you are supposed to have to have a last name.
Hi! I'm Kimberly.

A friend of a friend thought my name was Bethward.
She combined my first name and maiden name.
I was introduced at a party as Bethward.
How does that even make sense?

I always wanted to be named Finn.
I thought that would be the coolest name for a grandma.
Finn, can we make cookies?
Come with Finn and we will paint a picture.

The crazy lady with all of the cats.
How many cats does she have?
Black cats, gray cats, striped cats.
Come here kitty, kitty.

I have grown to love my name.
It is not exciting.
It is not memorable,
but it is me. 

*From the movie, "You've Got Mail"


  1. Hey you, whatever your name is! Just kidding of course- you are BETH. I think you are so talented. I love this poem,seriously! It is clever, reflective, funny, and sweet. I hope you have a beautiful Easter with your precious family.

  2. And the BETH I have come to know and love IS exciting, talented, lovable, giving, creative and just awesome.
    P.S. It always seemed to me that for my friends, Elizabeth took too much time to speak; it took too much energy for me to write. So,this Just Plain Liz sends you Easter Blessings!!!!

  3. Hey, thanks you two. It has always been curious to me that people cannot remember me or my name. I have finally decided that it "is what it is"!!!

    Have a great Easter with your families. God bless you both!

  4. Who can forget you?? You are Beth - crazy cat lady, gifted quilter, fabulous mother and wife, dedicated Christian, and make me laugh til I snort diet coke through my nose, best big sister ever!!

  5. Oh, Donna, that makes me laugh. I love it when we are together and are so loud in the restaurant that everyone is looking at us. Especially when it makes A and A cringe!!!!

  6. And their embaressment makes us laugh even harder.