Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dark or Light

It is a cold morning.
I walk out the front door and am blasted
by cold air.
I turn on my Ipod and start to walk.
There are so many leaves on the ground.
The wind was brutal last night.
The water is running down the street
in torrents.
Leftovers of a mean storm.
The broken sticks litter the ground.
The wind swirls around my head.

God are you here?
I see the sun peek over the neighbors fence
as I walk.
It is glorious.  
How can it be so lovely this morning
and so dark last night?

It reminds me of life.
Some days are dark and dreary.
Can I even get out of bed today?
Some days are light and full of laughter.
Why can't I stop smiling? 

Why do I struggle to find a balance?
My faith remains in the Lord.
Dark or light, He is there to see me through.  
I can hold on to that during my dark, rainy days.
I can celebrate that on my bright, sunny days.
God provides me the courage to face each new day
regardless of dark or light.

Photo provided by Ashlyn Smith


  1. This is really beautiful, Beth. I especially liked the last stanza. I copied it into my journal, hope you don't mind.

  2. I am glad you liked it. I struggle with depression sometimes and have to remind myself that God is there for the good and the bad. Thanks for reading my blog.

    God bless you.

  3. Ah yes. So well said: God does provide the courage and some dark days take more of God's input than others. Your words spread our Savior's Light everywhere--especially in this old woman's heart. Thank you, sweet friend.