Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Color Splash

I love fabric.
Especially cotton fabric.
The colors are exquisite.
The texture is smooth.
And, oh, the possibilities.

I have color moods.
I have been brown.
I wore brown t-shirts, brown capris, brown shoes. 
They were not ordinary brown things, but exciting shades of brown.
Brown sheer blouses with copper satin trim.
Brown sequin flip flops and sandals with beads.
Tan capris with cool buttons.
I made quilts with rich, warm, touchable brown fabrics.

I have been orange.
Orange and yellow sequined shoes.
Orange t-shirts with sequin trim along the neckline. 
Orange flowered skirts.
Oh the possibilities with orange. 
I made baby quilts for the hospital with orange four patches and cute birds.

The moods never last. 
Sometimes a year, maybe even two but not forever.

Now I am purple and pink.
It started last spring with the cutest cream sweater.
It was embroidered with purple and lavender flowers.
Black flip flops with big shiny purple, pink and silver beads. 
Now how many shirts can I find to match those shoes?
A cute off the shoulder fuchsia sweater from Forever 21.
Are you kidding me?
That place is for young people!!

The purple and pink fabrics make me so happy.
Sounds a little crazy, but maybe it is God's way of inspiring me to create quilts.
I found this amazing pattern for a new quilt. 
I collected the purple and pink fabrics. 
I found sale fabric in purple and pink for the background and backing. 
How perfect is that?
This year at retreat I will make that quilt.
It will be stunning dressed in purple and pink. 

What color are you?
Go with it!
Feel it!
Enjoy it!
Let God use it to influence you.

Side notes: The picture shows the fabric for the retreat quilt.
My profile picture is all pink and purple!!!

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