Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Battle of Coffee vs. Writing

She walked to the kitchen for coffee.
She sat on the couch with her phone.
She checked Facebook.
Nothing new there.
She checked her text messages.
Her sister was at the doctor for her annual exam. Yuck.
She read her email.
Her women’s devotion was really good today.
She sent it to a friend who needed encouragement.
More coffee.

Oh, the sun was finally out.
She walked to the backyard to check the flowers.
It was still too early in the year to see much progress.
She pulled a few weeds.
She sat by the pool and listened to the fountains gurgle.
More coffee.

She knew it was time to settle down and write.
What did she do with her notebook?
It was not on her desk.
It was not in her sewing room.
Why was it in her closet?
Where is that piece of paper where she jotted down her idea?
More coffee.

The cat meowed.
The poor thing needed food.
Why can’t the kids feed the animals?
She walked to the utility room and scooped out some cat food.
Oh, better feed the dog, too.
More coffee.

The phone rang.
Dad has news about Mimi.
The tests determined she needed more medication.
She sends up a prayer.
It is time. Focus. Come on, write just one sentence.
She wrote: She walked to the kitchen for coffee.


  1. Oh WOW. Perfect description of writers/mom/grands everywhere and spring is lovely and coffee is good and God is amazing.
    Your words paint vibrant pictures filled with feelings.

  2. Your positive words spur me on. I want to write, but sometimes all I can do is sit. I have quilt obligations and they loom over me. Too much stuff to do makes me just sit. That does not even make sense!!!!! I should write about that!!!