Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shining Through

The last few days my devotions have been about prayer. One devotion got me thinking about how some of my prayers are recited instead of specific. When I pray for the same people or situations over and over I have a tendency to ask God for the same things.

How do I mix it up? How do I make my prayers specific and yet pray for some of the same people every day?

Each person must have multiple needs, so I should think more and recite less. For example, my Mimi is in an Alzheimer's unit of a nursing home. She is is pain and wasting away. My prayer is always God please do not let her suffer and when it is her time, please take her into your arms.

But, I could pray for:
her to have a good day,
her to eat a good meal,
her not to try to walk,
her not to fall out of bed,
her to feel the love of her family,
her to be treated sweetly by the staff,
her to have someone to hold her hand,
her to have someone to read to her,
her to feel God's love shining through her confused state.

When I thought about it, instead of rushing through my prayer time, there were many things I could pray for that would be helpful.

Whenever I see rays of sun coming through the clouds, I feel like God is shining through on me. When I am old and not myself anymore, I hope someone will pray for me to still feel God's love shining through.

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  1. Ahhh, sweet Beth. What a prayer gift: for God's love to shine through---- fill in the blank. You are precious to me and I see His amazing light through your words. Liz