Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Bird?

Power belongeth unto God -
Psalm 62:11

It was a long weekend. My grandma, Mimi, is failing. My sister Donna decided that she would make a visit to Mimi. She would drive from Ohio to Missouri.

My other sister, Katie, decided she would drive up from College Station. She asked me if I wanted to "ride" with her. So at 8pm Thursday night Avery and I drove to College Station. We arrived around midnight.

The next morning, my nephews woke us up bright and early with alarms blaring!! Our plan was to drive to Missouri. It took twelve hours and about six stops!!! We got to dad's house around 8pm.

The next day we went to the nursing home. It was just heartbreaking. Mimi is very frail and slightly unkempt. Her hair is straight. She no longer does her weekly appointment to get her hair done (even in the assisted living and nursing home she always had her hair done). She does not recognize us and seems sort of lost.

We pushed her wheelchair to her room and helped her get in bed. Donna fed her some soup for lunch. She settled in and seemed to rest. I sat on the bed with her and held her hands. I told her, "I love you." She said, "I love you too." That made the whole trip worth it. I knew she always loved me, but it was nice to hear it one last time.

When we went back to Dad's, I called Quentin. Since there is no reception for my cell phone, I had to go outside. As I was standing there talking to him I looked at the shrub next to me and guess what? There was a little bird sitting there watching me. It was a baby bird and he was nervous. He sat very still as I talked and then as I took some pictures.

I think that little bird was there to remind that God was near. Even in the most discouraging situation, God was right there by my side. The power belongs to God and He supports me during the good and the bad times.


  1. God is with you and holding your hand, Beth. Watching someone progress toward the next layer of life is a very special thing. You will be forever changed...for the better. A loving grandmother is a basic human need. So glad you got to be with her and exchange love for each other.

  2. Thanks Kim. It is hard seeing her is such a sad state. I am praying for her not to suffer. Her love has always been a big part of my life. One day she will be in a better place, until then I will keep praying for her. Thanks for the encouragement.