Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wild to Mild

Last summer my sister had some wild cats living under her house. My brother-in-law caught two of them for us to look at. One was Siamese and the other was solid black.

When we tried to pet them, they went crazy. Hissing. Scratching. Flailing. We decided to bring them home. Well at first, they hid in the bathroom and would hiss every time you came in. I would talk to them and they would back away with fear in their eyes.

They finally came out of the bathroom and explored the house. We named the Siamese one, Tango, and the black one, Obie.

Gradually our love replaced their fear. Now Tango likes to snuggle. She enjoys our nap in the afternoons. When I lay on the couch, here she comes to lay with me. Tango doesn't really like it outside. She has adapted to indoor life and enjoys the easy life now.

Obie likes it outside. He comes in every morning and purrs while he gets a rubdown. He has a loud meow and greets me when I go check the mail.

Thinking about these two little wild cats that have grown into loving adult cats reminded me of the power of love. God gave us this great capacity to love and be loved. What are we doing with that gift?

Are we loving others and maybe making a huge impact in their lives or are we hoarding our love for later? Are we taking the love given to us and growing with it, or are we hiding in the bathroom, backing away in fear?

Take your capacity to love and give it to others. They need it. Take your capacity to receive love and grow from it. Let God's love and the love of others be your guiding force.

As I write this, Tango is snuggling with me. Her life and mine are better because of love. Love took her from wild to mild!!!

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