Friday, September 16, 2011

God moves in mysterious ways

Well, people it has happened again. God has worked in my life to push me toward new things. 

Last week, I received an angry email from my church regarding the procedures that I should follow in order to make an announcement in church. It gave me pause. Should I really be spending so much time making quilts for an organization that would send me this type of email? Especially when the announcement I made, regarded our very own Child Care Center that is scheduled to be opening in October. Where does our focus lie as a church, on the people or on the procedures?

I may sound like I am angry, but I am not angry at all. The truth is I have felt the call to move on from doing so much church stuff for several years. Finally it became clear to me that focusing on my other quilts was where I should be spending my time. 

I have been called by God to make quilts. I know that. The church was a safety net to help me get started when I was so afraid. I now know that too. I will no longer be making quilts for the baptism and confirmations. The ministry will continue with new leaders that the quilt group selected. I have confidence that they will provide the love and know-how to continue this ministry. 

I will focus my energies on making quilts for the hospital and memory quilts. The hospital uses the quilts for each family that loses a child. This is close to my heart since I too had two miscarriages when I was younger.

The memory quilts will also get the much needed attention they deserve. I use pictures and clothing to capture memories for families who have lost a loved one. I know this is where God wants me to spend my time.

Also, the call to write my story is still there. So, now I will spend more time focusing on getting it down on paper. Why didn't I write it down as I went? It is so hard to remember the details.

Dear God,
Thank God for the guiding me. Thank you for helping me start the quilt ministry 8 years ago. Thank you for the women who rose to the challenge to help me. Thank you for helping me grow both emotionally and spiritually. Thank you for a ministry that continues to grow and change through quilting and now writing. Help me use these gifts to serve you and grow your kingdom.
In Jesus name I pray,

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