Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Blogging Variety

Today, I spent some time reviewing other blogs. It is amazing what you can see out there.

Photography Blogs
People who are photographers with wedding pictures, engagement pictures, children's photographs and nature shots on their blogs. And then people like me who just take random pictures of things, like this moth on a quilt on our front porch.

Family Chronicles

Lots of families now have blogs. They have pictures of their kids, pictures of their weddings, pictures of their vacations. Eating breakfast, sitting on the porch, yard shots, flower beds, anything that captures a moment of life in the family. Like this picture of a t-shirt Avery and Ashlyn made me for my 47th birthday!! 

Decorating Ideas and Implementations
So many blogs about decorating. I think HGTV has made decorating a national pastime. It is do-able. It is achievable. Get out your paintbrush and go for it. Like this picture of the wall in our backyard. It was glaringly white. I painted it a soft green to get rid of the glare and reflect the bottom of the pool.

I am not much into philosophy. I see lots of blogs that publish their thoughts on life. Very deep thoughts. I sometime wonder why I do not dig deep into the meaning of life. But as Q says, "Keep it Simple." My philosophy is pretty simple. God created us. God loves us. We are tasked to love one another. Be nice. Be responsible. Be respectful. Be honest. My new mantra is "respond in love". Easy to say, but much harder to do.

I found some very deep blogs regarding religion. Is it really that difficult? Or do we become enamored with our thoughts and how complicated we can make something. My bottom line on religion/faith is: Am I doing what God wants me to be doing today? Making that quilt. Talking to that person at the store that I do not know. Sharing God's love.

Now politics is way out of my league. I avoid those blogs like the plague. I am sure they are interesting and enjoyable to some people (you know who you are!!!) but I am not one of them.

It made me think. What is the purpose of my blog? I would like to think it is a reminder of how God works in my life. I get off track though and post random stuff (like this!!!) But maybe the Photography blogs recognize God's creations. Maybe the Family Chronicles recognize how we are doing at parenting and sharing God's love even in our own families. Decorating Ideas and implementations is a tough one. I think it is aesthitically pleasing, but how does that relate to God? Are our decorating ideas and implementations helping someone else or do they make us more comfortable? I think it could go either way. This picture is from my church. We painted the children's wing with a cowboy/country theme. So, in this instance, I used my abilities for God's glory. The wall in our back yard, more for me and less for God. 

Philosophy is a little harder for me to justify probably because I am not much of a philosopher. It does recognize our ability to think and analyze though and those capabilities did come from God. I suppose even if I have a simple philosphy, it is still a philosophy. Religion/Faith definitely has God in the middle of it. Politics on the other hand, not so much. Maybe if politics had more of God in it, we would have less in-fighting and more responding in love.

Random thoughts today about blogging and why I spend time doing it. I guess the big question is "Is God in the middle of what I am doing?" And if so, am I sharing that with others? God bless you.

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