Monday, May 9, 2011

Paris Hilton and Sugar Cookies?

Mother's Day.
What would I like for a present?
Stop by Bealls and look around.

Oh look at this cool bag.
Black. Big. Huge patent leather rose.
This is it!

How much is this bag?
It is not for sale.
You must buy some perfume and the bag comes as a gift.

Oh, aren't they clever?
Paris Hilton perfume.
I am not sure about that.

Spray the perfumes on sample cards.
Smell, smell, smell.
Paris Hilton, Tease, Can Can.

Paris Hilton smells fruity.
Tease is less fruity but sweet.
Can Can smells like... cookies?

How can that be?
It has tones of brown sugar and vanilla.
Is sweet cookies a good scent for me?

I find it amusing that Paris Hilton has an old lady perfume.
Cookies? Vanilla? Really?
My new bag looks awesome and I smell good enough to eat.


  1. I really enjoyed this. It made me laugh! Good job

  2. Your poem is very creative and fun! I can smell the cookies!