Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to Pray

Recently, I have had some people on my mind.
I always feel like God wants me to pray for someone
when they are on my mind.

A friend who lost a loved one.
Their heart is broken.
Dear God, please restore them.

A friend who is having trouble deciding what path to pursue.
What should I do?
Dear God, please provide them guidance.

A friend who could be in harm's way.
Keep your eyes open and your head down.
Dear God, please protect them.

A friend who does not have a good home life.
Someone has stepped in to help.
Dear God, please help this effort to be fruitful.

A friend who worries about their weight.
How do I Iook today?
Dear God, please help them feel confident.

A friend who struggles staying focused.
What was I doing? 
Dear God, please help them to make good decisions.

Dear God,
I lift up all of these friends and ask you to
provide just what they need, just when they need it.

I thank you for using me for your glory.
I thank you for allowing me to help others through prayer.

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