Friday, May 20, 2011


Time for new music.
Go to Itunes.
Country? Pop? New Age?

Country is so last week.
Brad Paisley has some funny songs.
Miranda Lambert is good, but already have it.

Toby Keith shakes his fist to the world.
No PC in his world.
So many artists that I do not know.

Next, what about pop?
Fall Out Boy? Thnks fr th mmrs is pretty good.
Paramore? - Misery Business sounds angry.

Lady Gaga gags me.
Marketing genius, maybe.
Weird, definitely.

Britney Spears turns my stomach.
She has clever lyrics if you like disgusting topics.
Not my cup of tea though.

Maybe some old music?
ABBA - Does your mother know?
Blondie - Call me.

Liver River Band - Lady, Time for a Cool Change.
Now this music is classic.
Oh wow, I am so old!!

New Age?
Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum.
My heart is beating like a jungle drum.

Sophie Hunger is pretty good.
Leave me with the Monkeys- sometimes I feel like that.
Headlights - caught in your headlights I had to close my eyes.

Today, what to buy today?
Something bluesy with a raspy voice.
I gravitate to women singers.

Neko Case. Who is that?
I like this sound. Bluesy, a little bit country, a little bit pop.
Winner, I have picked a winner.

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