Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Dime Store

Over the weekend, I went to visit my two sisters.
My 4 year old nephew decided to come back home with me.
We also rescued two kittens who faced certain doom.

On Sunday morning, my sister packed his bag.
He packed a backpack full of toys.
We got his booster seat and bicycle.

We loaded everything up - kids, kittens, suitcases,
toys and headed home.
We stopped to visit some friends on the way home.

We finally arrived home, after a long drive.
We went swimming. The pool was perfect.
We ate spaghetti for supper.

He wanted to sleep on the couch bed.
Wow, he is so grown up now.
I made the couch bed out, and he went to sleep, while we watched tv.

He slept through the night. Unbelievable!
The next morning he was laying in bed,
watching tv and eating dry cereal.

"When are we going to Dooley's?"
My nephews love to go to the local dime store, Dooley's.
They like to buy cheap toys to play with while they are in town.

We got dressed and headed to Dooley's.
What to buy, what to buy?
A red sword! A dart gun with handcuffs. Don't forget the candy cigarettes.

We pay for the goodies and head to the car.
After we get in the car he says,
"OK, I am ready to go home now!!!!!"

Are you kidding me?  No.
Don't you want to swim some more? No.
Don't you want to play with the kittens? No.

I only came up here, so I could go to Dooley's.
I want to go home now, so I can have a sword fight with my brother.
Are you sure you don't want to stay until tomorrow? Yup.

I called my sister and told her.
She talked to him, but he could not be persuaded.
We picked a meeting place for the kid exchange.

I was so excited he was going to stay with me for "Four days".
He was so excited to go to Dooley's.
The whole trip lasted less that 24 hours!!!

The moral of this story is don't make yourself too important.
I thought he was coming to see me,
but the trip was really about a visit to the dime store for a new toy!!

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