Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I just read my devotion for today.
It was called What They Didn't Realize by T. Suzanne Eller.
It talks about her life as a teenager.

It really touched a chord with me.
I always have teenagers at my house.
I talk to them, feed them, love them.

It has caused strife in my family though.
I have two teenage daughters.
They are not always keen on the kids that God puts before me.

My husband is very private.
He worries about all these kids being in our house all the time.
Can you trust them?

There have been angry kids.
They come from broken homes and are almost broken themselves.
Love and a friendly face does not undo years of struggle.

There have been mean kids.
They lash out at anyone in their path.
Leading by example does not free them from their frustrations.

There have been timid kids.
They sit in the corner and never talk.
Sharing all kinds of ideas and topics does not remove their fear.

I have found that God and prayer are the answers.
I cannot fix these kids, but God can.
I can be sincere, caring, kind, and tolerant and obedient.

In her devotion, T. Suzanne Eller talks about being one of these kids.
The adults in her church took her in.
They accepted her and showed her God's way.

God did the hard work.
The adults just did what God asked of them.
It made a huge difference in her life.

When my girls question me about why I do this,
I tell them God has put this kid on my heart,
how can I tell God no.

They say, I do not think God would pick such a mean kid.
I say, I do not pick the kids,
but I try to respond to what God is asking me to do.

I never really understood what people said
when they were criticized for following Christ.
Now I see it and hear it, sometime from my own family.

The good news is that I stand firmly in my faith to Christ.
I will do what is asked of me.
Maybe one kid will see Christ and embrace Him.

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