Friday, February 25, 2011


Sitting in the chapel.
Breathing in the spring air.
Praying for forgiveness.
Wait, I hear something.
Tchip, tchip, tchip.
A redbird is looking in the open window at me.
A feeling of love envelopes me.
You are forgiven. 

Walking in the labyrinth.
Praying for my fear to go away.
Sitting on a large rock.
Praying for guidance.
Tchip, tchip, tchip.
A redbird is gazing at me from the underbrush.
A feeling of peace surrounds me. 
Start a quilt group.

Taking my daughter to lunch.
Eating Mexican food in the car.
Wait, is that a redbird in the bush near the car?
Tap, tap, tap on the window trying to scare the redbird away.
Flying, striking, attacking the car window.
Redbird are you trying to tell us something?
You can make good grades.
I believe in you. 

Walking through the neighborhood.
Spending time with God on this glorious morning.
Praying for peace.
Sensing God's presence.  
Tchip, tchip. tchip.
A redbird flying from tree to tree accompanying me on my walk. 
A feeling of warmth covers me.
You are loved.


  1. Beth, I enjoy your work. Lovely words that flow and inspire. Each reveal your gentle spirit. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thanks Carol. This is a new adventure for me. I am anxious to see where it goes!
    God bless you,