Monday, January 10, 2011

January Blues

Art: James Dupree, Evolving Elements

Well Christmas is over. School is back in session. The weather is dreary. So goes January.

I struggle with winter. The days are cold or wet. It does not allow me enough time outside. One good thing though, my daughter is into running and needs a partner. I cannot run, but I can walk. So, we bundle up and hit the streets. It is good for her because she gets her exercise and I get get mine too. I told her yesterday, "This is really good. I have a checkup in February. Now I will not weigh so much!!!" She said, "Well if you diet and exercise, you can lose more!" Always the optimist!

Something struck me over the holidays. There are a lot of kids out there who are lost. They do not have reliable friends. They have lost loved ones. They have teachers and coaches who are condescending and belittling. They have frustrations. They have issues.

I keep in touch with several kids through FB or texting. There are so many of them who do not know how to act or where to get help. They search for a kind word or gesture and do not get it at home. So they look further. The kids who party are always willing to accept them as part of their group. "We party. You can party too. Be like us. See how well we are doing? See how popular we are." 

Confusion ensues. "We are accepted by the party group, maybe we should hang with them."

Who is there to tell them that there is a better way? 
Who will help guide them to Jesus?
Who will help keep them connected to Jesus after they accept Him as their Savior?

Why do we parents find it so hard to talk to our kids? 
Why do we parents avoid the hard subjects like: alcohol (illegal for under 21), drugs (illegal), pre-marital sex (illegal under 17, immoral), smoking (illegal under 18). 

I do not have any answers. I want my kids to be aware. Aware of the laws. Aware of the pitfalls of bad decisions. Aware of the cost of "fitting in". Aware of their abilities. Aware of the choices they have.

I only have two biological children, but I have many kids. I want all of my kids to know that they are loved. I will listen to them talk. I will listen to them complain. I will try to guide them during good times and hard times. I will encourage them to be what God wants them to be. I will pray for them.

Do you know a young person who could use a kind word? Learn to text and get their number. It could change their life and yours.


  1. Powerful challenge. Frightening, though. Who, me, TEXT??? Maybe I can pray harder for God to raise up more precious women like you. It was good to see you and your beautiful daughter Sunday-- you glowed, not at all like the weather. Hummm. Text. I will promise to pray for you more.

  2. Liz,
    I just see all of these kids with no one to turn to for good guidance. It is so sad. I need the prayers. I know God wants me to help these kids, but sometimes Av and Ash get jealous and that makes it hard. I strive to do God's will. I know it will not always be easy, but I keep trying.
    Love you,