Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am forgiven forever and ever!

I am doing a Bible study, Faithful, Abundant, and True.  In my homework the other day, this lesson gave me something to think about.

From the lesson -
If you, as a child of God are moaning and groaning about your sins, about your B.C. days (before you came to know Christ), your past, what does that say to God? What does that tell you about your faith?
Jesus paid it all! You cannot pay a thing! His sacrifice was sufficient. Your sins are remembered no more by Him. Why are you remembering them? You are forgiven! I want to shout it! I AM FORGIVEN FOREVER AND EVER!

Don't you ever say, "But I cannot forgive myself!" You don't need to forgive yourself. Nothing is Biblical about your statement. It is a hiss from the serpent of old, the Devil himself, to put your focus on yourself, rather than God. You confess your sins to God, God forgives, and that is it!

My thoughts -
Why do we try to make everything so hard. God forgives us for ALL of the dumb, mean, stupid things that we did in the past, even yesterday. Why do we have so much trouble letting it go? It really made me think about it. Now that I have teenage daughters, I really remember some of the dumb things I did when I was younger. I have caught myself really regretting it. I have to keep reminding myself that God has forgiven me - Let it go.

I need to believe God - that is faith. Sometime days my faith is stronger that others. I guess I just need to "keep the faith".  God forgives me!  Praise God!!

God bless you all,

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