Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Lord looks at the heart

I Samuel 16:7
The Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.

Have you ever just looked at someone in passing and made a judgement about them? They are old, they are poor, they are mean, they are grumpy, they are ________. When I was in 5th or 6th grade I had a friend named Valerie. I spent a lot of time at her house playing. One day she wanted to go visit a young couple that lived next door. I told I did not want to go because they were mean. I did not know them and had never even met them. She tried to reason with me but i prevailed. Eventually on another visit to her house we went next door so I could meet the young couple. Imagine - they were nice.

I do not know where I got that idea or why I said those words. I do know that the trait has followed me my whole life. I immediately jump to conclusions when I see people - whether I know them or not. I have tried over and over to change the habit, but I still struggle with it everyday.

God looks at our heart. Why do I have so much trouble doing that? I know, I am human and God is God after all, but still. Why can't I see the good in people? Why am I always looking for a flaw? Maybe it allows me to be bigger and better than someone else for a few moments. Writing those words makes me sad. Am I so insecure that I must "belittle someone else's existence?"

God has insights we do not have. He knows every hair on every head. God sees my flaws and accepts me anyway. He not only accepts me, He LOVES me. Sometimes I wonder how that can be.

Dear Lord,
I lift up my life to you and ask for your guidance. I am soooooo human. Provide me with a positive view of people. Help me to be the person you want me to be.


  1. The first step to changing something we don't like about ourselves is recognizing that thing. The second is recognizing that we have the power to change it. The third is asking for help. You are well on your way to changing that which you do not like.

  2. It's interesting how we see ourselves, how others see us versus how our God sees us. Beth looks at herself and is critical about how she is critical of others. I look at Beth and see how encouraging of a friend she has been to me for the past 19 years. Yes, maybe she has critized me but only to point out a way to encourage me to not be so hard on myself. This critic I find helpful,kind and loving. GOD looks and Beth and sees a beautiful child that HE created in HIS image - how can that be in anyway bad?
    As parents we must be a little judgemental in order to keep our children safe. I would rather be wrong about someone than sorry I exposed my family to that person. We live in a world where diversity is all around us. People all have independent thinking and when that thinking doesn't meet our own we question them or at least I do.
    The thing about being human is that we need GOD all the time. We need HIS love, HIS understanding and HIS grace. What would life be like without needing GOD? As HIS children we need our Father. Sometimes I think about how good I feel when my daughter needs me and I am able to help her - all she has to do is ask. I wonderful, does GOD feel the same when HE is needed? All my love . . .