Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brenda's Quilt

My husband has a good friend at work.
Every winter they go ice fishing in the mountainous lakes of Colorado.
They sleep in a cabin overlooking Pikes Peak.

They hike to the lake and drill holes for fishing.
They sit in the sun and try to catch their limit of trout.
It is a good time for some good friends.

Jimmy who lives in Colorado and hosts the Texas fisherman
is married to Brenda.
She is battling cancer.

It has been a long battle.
It started with the dreaded breast cancer.
Treated, in remission, life goes on.

But it has been a struggle.
In the years since she was first diagnosed,
she has gotten and fought cancer many times. 

Several years ago, I made her a quilt.
I made it out of flannels (thank you Kay!).
I used a pattern I had never used before.

I wanted it to be soft.
I wanted it to be a comfort to her during her treatments.
I wanted to help in some way.

Isn't that just how it is?
Someone struggles, but how can we really help them?
Pray. Call. Pray. Make a quilt. 


  1. Beautiful quilt and words, Beth. I'm sure she thinks of you whenever she snuggles in it. You are such a thoughtful friend.

  2. Thanks Maureen. The truth is I have never even met Brenda or her husband. They are friends with Quentin because of ice fishing. He wanted to give them a quilt to provide comfort. So I made the quilt for him to give to them.