Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is my focus?
Some days I feel so good.
Are those the days I am focused on God?
Other days I feel so blah.
Are those the days I am focused on my problems, frustrations, everyday worries?

Where does my focus go?
It seems like my focus is almost like the weather.
Some days it is so bright it almost blinds me.
Some days it is so foggy I cannot see it no matter how hard I look.
Some days it is covered in rain. Wet. Soggy. Miserable.
Some days are just average. Not too cold, not too hot.

Why does my focus come and go?
The painful truth is that I am human.
I try, I succeed.
I try, I fail.
I try again. 

As I get older, I wish it were easier. 
I wish my worries wouldn't overshadow my joy. 
I wish my dread of the kids moving out, wouldn't stop me in my tracks.
I wish I could sing and dance and laugh all day, every day.

My real focus should be God.
I should give Him my worries and dread.
If I did that every day would I be able to sing and dance and laugh?
Would my foggy days be clearer?
Would my rainy days be brighter?
Would my average days be extraordinary?

Focus on God.
Every way.


  1. Hi, friend Human. It is cloudy over my soul today but your reminder to focus on our Holy Father encouraged and I prayed for your family as I passed your home today and thanks for the red geranium wave from your front porch :-D
    Just keep taking deep breaths!!!

  2. Thanks Liz. I have depression and anxiety and occasionally it overwhelms me. I take medicine, but sometimes it is still too much. I am much better now. God sees me through it. Thanks for all your support!!